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Girl who paid attention uploads her notes

You slave away attending lectures, taking notes, adding in your own point of view — it takes hours but you need to do it to get your degree. Then, all you need to do is spend two minutes uploading your notes to Notesale.

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It takes less than five minutes to upload your notes and start making money from your hard work.

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It's simple and straightforward to make extra cash as a student, just upload your notes to us and we'll handle the sales side and pass the money back to you. No awkward conversations with your mates about getting rewarded for your hard work!

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Missed an important lecture? Want to get a different point of view or resource on your next essay? Search our notes for what you need. Notesale allows instant download of study notes.

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How it Works

Notesale works as an intermediary for people selling notes and people buying notes. We take the hassle out of matching up buyers and sellers and also streamline the transfer of money to avoid any awkward conversations. After payment is made, notes are available instantly.

The Proof

Thousands of students in America have made tens of thousands of dollars and, equally, even more happy students have been matched up with the notes they need. This service is now available in the UK via Notesale.